This Privacy Policy is the guardian of your personal information on our trusted website Mega Cricket World and all related pages, subpages, subdomains and sections accessible through our domain name.

We take your privacy seriously, and this Policy lays the foundation for how we handle the personal information we collect from you or that you voluntarily provide to us. Your trust is paramount and we strive to be as transparent as possible about our data practices.

Before you begin your journey through our websites, we urge you to take the time to read this Policy carefully. Your participation or registration on our websites signifies your affirmative consent and acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth in this Privacy Policy. While we appreciate your support, if you choose not to abide by this Policy or any future changes to it, we respect your decision and ask that you discontinue your use of the Websites.

For MCW, your privacy is our top priority and we value the trust you place in us by sharing the exciting world of cricket.

Compliance with requirements

Our unwavering commitment to safeguarding your data sets us apart. Rest assured that our Privacy Policy adheres rigorously to all pertinent data protection legislation, including the esteemed United Kingdom Data Protection Act of 1998.

But we don’t stop there. As part of our dedication to maintaining the utmost privacy for our valued players, we proactively seek guidance from the EU privacy laws and meticulously follow the esteemed guidelines set forth by the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD).

Updates or changes to the Privacy Policy

Ensuring your data is protected and secure is our top priority. As part of our commitment to transparency and constant improvement, we retain the right to modify this Privacy Policy whenever necessary. These changes will be of immediate effect once they are published on our Website. For your convenience, the date of the most recent update will always be displayed at the top of this page. Rest assured, your privacy matters to us, and we’ll continue to uphold the highest standards to safeguard your information.

Data Collection

When you connect to the Internet, browsers or client software play an important role in transmitting valuable information to the servers that host the websites you visit. This data generates detailed statistics about visitors to these sites, allowing us to use it for strategic marketing purposes. In addition, this invaluable information helps us to relentlessly improve the user experience and deliver a better gaming experience. As we embark on the path of innovation and progress with us, we experience the seamless synergy between data analytics and exceptional user experience.

Personally Information

At Mega Cricket World we value your privacy and are committed to providing the best service to meet your needs. To ensure a smooth operation, we collect personal information that allows us to accurately identify you. This information may include your name, email address, telephone number, date of birth, and any other mandatory data necessary to establish and effectively manage your account.

Rest assured that any data you pass on to us as part of marketing promotions, competitions or when communicating with customers will be treated with the utmost care. Our staff may keep a record of your correspondence so that we can assist you more effectively in the future.

By providing us with your data, you discover many advantages. You will be the first to know about our interesting special offers, promotions and events. Your data will enable us to keep in touch with you for various purposes, providing you with the best possible service.

We understand the importance of data protection and therefore act in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Your consent allows us to process your data in accordance with our policies and treat any personal or sensitive information with the utmost respect and security.

How we use your data

We appreciate the importance of your personal information in identifying you and ensuring a seamless experience with us. The data we collect may include, but is not limited to:

  • When you register an account with us, you agree that we may store and, if necessary, transfer your user information to a third party company that processes it on our behalf.
  • Your information may be processed for a variety of purposes including:
  • Efficient account management and transaction processing on our websites.
  • Providing gaming and betting services according to your preferences.
  • Verifying and identifying your identity to ensure compliance with age restrictions and restricted areas as set out in the Website Terms of Use.
  • Personalizing marketing materials in accordance with your preferences.
  • Diagnosing and maintaining the Website to improve the browsing experience.
  • Continuous monitoring and improvement of the Website services.
  • Risk management, fraud and money laundering detection to ensure a secure environment.
  • Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Assisting our software vendors (who also comply with this policy) to provide support and related services as requested.

In addition, we reserve the right to perform statistical analysis of user behavior and characteristics in order to identify users’ interests and patterns of use of the sites. This aggregated data may also be shared with advertisers to obtain information about traffic and click-through rates on their advertising banners.

Please be sure that the protection of your personal information and privacy remains our top priority. By entrusting us with your data, you enable us to provide you with a more personalized and rich experience on our platform.

MCW actively cooperates with numerous associations dedicated to ensuring the integrity of sport and betting by preventing any attempts to manipulate competitions. Accordingly, both MCW and the respective associations reserve the right to access and share your data solely for the purpose of monitoring betting activities.

In order to stay informed of interesting promotional offers, you can check the appropriate boxes on the registration form. Should you wish to change these settings, simply contact our reliable support team.


At MCW, your privacy and data security are our top priorities. We do our best to keep your information safe and secure while using our services.

To protect your data, we use the most advanced encryption technologies when transmitting information and store it securely on our servers using the latest technology available. Our website and software are diligently using every precaution to ensure data accuracy, confidentiality and to prevent any misuse or loss of your valuable information.

While we strive to maintain the highest level of security, it is important to understand that no communication over the Internet is completely error-free. Despite our best efforts, we cannot guarantee the absolute security of any information you provide in the course of our services. By using our websites, you acknowledge and understand the inherent security implications of online communications. Rest assured, we take our responsibility seriously and will not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or exemplary loss or damage arising from any potential security incident.

Please note that we will only retain your information for as long as is reasonably necessary for the purposes for which it was collected. In some cases, we may be required to retain your data for an indefinite period of time to comply with legal or regulatory obligations.

Your trust is of the utmost importance to us and we will continue to do everything in our power to keep your information secure throughout your interaction with us. If you have any concerns or questions regarding our privacy and security practices, please feel free to contact our dedicated support team. We are here to help you every step of the way.


When you begin registration, it is important to remember that during this process, we may automatically collect and store your personal information and data through the use of cookies. Now, before you see any concerns, let me shed some light on what a cookie is. Simply put, it is a tiny piece of information that a web server sends to your web browser, allowing it to collect valuable information about your online behavior.

These cookies are the key to optimizing your experience with us! By carefully monitoring your browsing patterns and collecting the data we collect, we can create a comprehensive demographic profile that will ultimately allow us to improve the quality of our services to you.

But we value your privacy and understand that some of you may want to exercise more control over the data collection process. Most web browsers offer a simple process that allows you to reject or accept the cookie feature according to your preferences. However, we must inform you that if you choose to disable the cookie option, this may affect the availability of certain personalized services.

In essence, we strive to provide you with the most personalized and exceptional experience possible. In addition, our affiliate system also uses cookies as part of the tracking process, ensuring a smooth transition to referrals.

Your Winnings

To enhance our marketing and promotional efforts, we welcome the opportunity to showcase the details of your well-earned wins and prizes on our websites and other promotional materials. As part of our advertising strategy, we may include your username or its shortened version, as well as the amount of winnings and any other relevant information. This serves as a powerful tool to further promote and showcase the excellence of our websites when needed.

By posting your achievements, we aim not only to celebrate your success, but also to inspire and engage more members to experience the excitement and rewards that our websites have to offer. Your victories play a key role in building a dynamic community of enthusiasts, and we believe that sharing these moments will strengthen the bond with our audience.

Accessing and updating data

At any time, you have the absolute right to request a written copy of the personal data we hold about you. We value your privacy and are committed to providing you with access to this information. To obtain your personal data, simply contact us at the addresses below.

But that’s not all – we want your data to be accurate and up-to-date. If you find any changes or corrections required in the user information we have collected, our dedicated customer support team is always ready to assist you. Feel free to let us know and we’ll take care of the rest.

We understand that sometimes you may want to break up and remove user information from our database. Upon your request, we will delete your data promptly in accordance with the guidelines above. However, be aware that residual information may still exist due to backups and deletion records.

At MCW, we believe in transparency and keeping you informed. As a result, we may update our Privacy Policy from time to time. Rest assured any changes will be clearly posted here so you are always up to date.

To stay informed, we encourage you to periodically check the Privacy Policy page. Your privacy is important to us and we want you to be confident in how your data is handled in our systems.